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Janya Collective is a social enterprise comprising development practitioners, architects, engineers and urbanists with a passion to transform urban futures. With a community and an urban landscape understanding of the last two decades, the Janya aims to offer innovative solutions to development challenges and  work deeper and engage more intensively with urban poor communities by facilitating, organizing, mobilizing and strengthening communities and promoting inclusive urban governance.

'Work that builds cities for everyone'

Pillars of Janya

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Community Action Planning

Community engagement matters. A broad-based  community engagement and action planning process benefits projects by ensuring ownership, sustainability and success. JC’s highly trained team of facilitators gets into communities to talk with people, especially the marginalized and create relationships with community organisations. We bring people together so they can reflect on their problems, take better localized decisions, collectivize and collaborate in co-creating and implementing solutions to transform their habitats.

Infrastructure Rejuvenation

Revitalization of physical infrastructure, aligned with social capital building helps in place-making. Going beyond a technological focus, a synthesized approach can help design, build and revitalize good community infrastructure. JC uses this blended approach to de-engineer, de-build, integrate and rejuvenate civic and traditional infrastructure to create more equitable outcomes and increased community benefits.

Ecosystem Development and Upgrading

We believe in equality. We also believe that great communities are complete and connected. We follow an ecosystem based and integrational approach that provides an enabling environment for change to happen. Addressing the full value chain of development is what we do, incubating innovative solutions that are customized to the needs of a particular group of people and which help poor and vulnerable groups to sustainably move out of poverty.

Training and Capacity Building

Capacity building is about creating the ability to deliver projects and mission goals, effectively now and in the future. JC shapes and designs capacity building projects that improve knowledge, practice and attitudes in community engagement processes and participatory planning. We believe in a continuous improvement strategy through on-ground training, mentoring and hand-holding support. We also prepare tools, handbooks, guides etc. to create sustainable change.

Data Analysis and Modelling

Data increases efficiency by being strategic, prioritizing and directing resources where they are needed. Community data helps voices of people to be heard. It is essential for designing localized and sustainable interventions. Community data integrated and spatialized with city data helps people and cities make informed decisions by visualizing causes and relationships for desired results. JC experts develop and spatialize community data, developing local platforms for decision making. 

Research and Impact Assessment

Measuring effectiveness of any intervention is key to knowing that you are doing well. Good data allows projects to map stakeholders, establish baselines, benchmarks, set and assess performance goals and achievements. At JC we undertake surveys using digital applications. We are also well versed in using participatory tools and focus groups to gather quantitative data. We nudge people to tell their own stories that will help you understand the impact you are making on their lives. We help shape and design consultations and undertake independent analysis of the feedback. We are also brave enough to experiment, innovate and try out new ways of working.

The Collective

We are a small team of urban professionals with a combined experience of more than 30 years. We have executed assignments of national and international repute, from tasks ranging from community engagement, planning, conservation, research, design, management to teaching college graduates. Though this only underlines what we have accomplished till date, we realize what we do 'today' matter even more.

Throw a challenge you may have for us, and we shall deliver!

Shveta Mathur

Pranav Singh

Pranav Singh

Advisors to Janya

What's really rewarding for us is the rich and diverse experience our advisors bring to our work. From Dr. Barsha, a passionate Urbanist, to Arunava Dasgupta, whose work on environmentally sensitive urban design speaks volume. They are our go-to people at a moment of doubt. Their advice reflects in our principles and are 'Janya' in its true essence.

Dr. Barsha Poricha

Er. P. Khandelwal

Arunava Dasgupta

Anand Rudra

Bashabi Dasgupta

Dr. Renu Khosla


We take pride in partnering some of the global leaders committed to take aim at addressing major challenges in the field of water, sanitation, slum upgrading and development, planning and community engagement. If you are exploring a partner to support you and contribute towards any of these sectors, we urge you to write to us at

'We believe in moving beyond Integration; towards Inclusion'

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Community Action Planning

Infrastructure Rejuvenation

Ecosystem Development and Upgrading

Training and Capacity Building

Data Analysis and Modelling

Research and Impact Assessment